MLB Injuries and Injury Report

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Eduardo RodriguezPOutBackRodriguez is out with backMar 23
Ketel MarteIFDay to dayBackMarte is day-to-day with backJun 9
Joc PedersonDHDay to dayNonePederson is day-to-dayMay 19
Merrill KellyPOutShoulderKelly is out with shoulderApr 21
Atlanta Braves
Spencer StriderPOut for seasonElbowStrider is out for season with elbowApr 18
Baltimore Orioles
John MeansPOut for seasonElbowMeans is out for season with elbowMay 31
Tyler WellsPOutElbowWells is out with elbowApr 18
Boston Red Sox
Trevor StoryIFOut for seasonElbowStory is out for season with elbowApr 10
Lucas GiolitoPOut for seasonElbowGiolito is out for season with elbowMar 23
Rafael DeversIFDay to dayKneeDevers is day-to-day with kneeApr 18
Triston CasasIFOutRibsCasas is out with ribsApr 21
Garrett WhitlockPOutObliqueWhitlock is out with obliqueApr 18
Vaughn GrissomIFOutHamstringGrissom is out with hamstringJun 1
Chicago Cubs
Cody BellingerOFOutFingerBellinger is out with fingerJul 11
Javier AssadPOutArmAssad is out with armJun 27
Nico HoernerIFDay to dayHamstringHoerner is day-to-day with hamstringMay 15
Ben BrownPOutNeckBrown is out with neckJun 14
Chicago White Sox
Max StassiCOutHipStassi is out with hipApr 18
Nick SenzelIFDay to dayIllnessSenzel is day-to-day with illnessApr 26
Yoan MoncadaIFOutGroinMoncada is out with groinApr 10
Cincinnati Reds
Jake FraleyOFDay to dayLegFraley is day-to-day with legJun 27
Nick MartiniOFOutThumbMartini is out with thumbJul 7
Matt McLainIFOutShoulderMcLain is out with shoulderMar 23
Brandon WilliamsonPOutShoulderWilliamson is out with shoulderMar 23
Graham AshcraftPOutElbowAshcraft is out with elbowJul 10
Christian Encarnacion-StrandIFOutHandEncarnacion-Strand is out with handMay 8
Carson SpiersPOutShoulderSpiers is out with shoulderJul 13
Cleveland Guardians
Matthew BoydPOutNoneMatt Vierling has ben scratched Sunday.Jun 30
Shane BieberPOut for seasonElbowBieber is out for season with elbowApr 10
Colorado Rockies
Antonio SenzatelaPOut for seasonElbowSenzatela is out for season with elbowMar 23
Nolan JonesOFOutBackJones is out with backJul 13
Detroit Tigers
Mark CanhaIFDay to dayHipCanha is day-to-day with hipJun 2
Casey MizePOutHamstringMize is out with hamstringJul 3
Kerry CarpenterOFOutBackCarpenter is out with backMay 31
Sawyer Gipson-LongPOutGroinGipson-Long is out with groinMar 23
Houston Astros
Justin VerlanderPOutNoneJustin Verlander has been scratched Saturday; Spencer Arrighetti will start against the Tigers.Jun 15
Lance McCullersPOutArmMcCullers is out with armMar 23
Victor CaratiniCOutHipCaratini is out with hipJun 21
Jose UrquidyPOutArmUrquidy is out with armMar 23
Luis GarciaPOutElbowGarcia is out with elbowMar 23
Kansas City Royals
Kyle WrightPOut for seasonShoulderWright is out for season with shoulderMar 23
Los Angeles Angels
Mike TroutOFOutKneeTrout is out with kneeMay 3
Luis GarciaPOutNoneLuis García Jr. has been scratched SundayJul 14
Luis GuillormeIFOutBackLuis Guillorme (back) has been scratched Sunday. Jul 14
Luis RengifoIFOutWristRengifo is out with wristJul 5
Patrick SandovalPOut for seasonElbowSandoval is out for season with elbowJun 24
Chase SilsethPOutElbowSilseth is out with elbowApr 10
Los Angeles Dodgers
Clayton KershawPOutShoulderKershaw is out with shoulderMar 23
Walker BuehlerPOutHipBuehler is out with hipJun 19
Dustin MayPOutElbowMay is out with elbowMar 23
Tony GonsolinPOut for seasonElbowGonsolin is out for season with elbowMar 23
Emmet SheehanPOutArmSheehan is out with armMar 23
Miami Marlins
Jazz ChisholmOFDay to dayHamstringChisholm is day-to-day with hamstringJun 21
Sixto SanchezPOutShoulderSanchez is out with shoulderJun 2
Sandy AlcantaraPOut for seasonElbowAlcantara is out for season with elbowMar 23
Jesus LuzardoPOutBackLuzardo is out with backJun 22
Ryan WeathersPOutFingerWeathers is out with fingerJun 22
Eury PerezPOutElbowPerez is out with elbowMar 23
Milwaukee Brewers
Brandon WoodruffPOutShoulderWoodruff is out with shoulderMar 23
DL HallPOutKneeHall is out with kneeApr 21
Minnesota Twins
Carlos CorreaIFDay to dayHeelCorrea is day-to-day with heelJul 20
Anthony DeSclafaniPOutArmDeSclafani is out with armMar 23
Kyle FarmerIFOutShoulderFarmer is out with shoulderJul 12
Royce LewisIFOutGroinLewis is out with groinJul 3
Austin MartinOFOutObliqueMartin is out with obliqueJul 7
New York Mets
J.D. MartinezDHDay to dayAnkleMartinez is day-to-day with ankleJul 3
Brandon NimmoOFDay to dayIllnessNimmo is day-to-day with illnessMay 17
Brett BatyIFDay to dayHamstringBaty is day-to-day with hamstringApr 18
Ronny MauricioIFOutKneeMauricio is out with kneeMar 23
Kodai SengaPOutShoulderSenga is out with shoulderMar 23
New York Yankees
Anthony RizzoIFOutArmRizzo is out with armJun 19
Giancarlo StantonDHOutHamstringStanton is out with hamstringJun 23
J.D. DavisIFOutIllnessDavis is out with illnessJul 12
Jon BertiIFOutCalfBerti is out with calfMay 25
Jose TrevinoCOutQuadTrevino is out with quadJul 13
JT BrubakerPOutElbowBrubaker is out with elbowMar 23
Jasson DominguezOFOutElbowDominguez is out with elbowMar 23
Oswald PerazaIFOutShoulderPeraza is out with shoulderMar 23
Oakland Athletics
Luis MedinaPOutElbowMedina is out with elbowJul 13
Abraham ToroIFOutHamstringToro is out with hamstringJun 22
Ryan NodaIFDay to dayUndisclosed Noda is day-to-day with undisclosed Apr 10
Ken WaldichukPOutElbowWaldichuk is out with elbowMar 23
Philadelphia Phillies
Taijuan WalkerPOutFingerWalker is out with fingerJun 23
Spencer TurnbullPOutBackTurnbull is out with backJun 27
Pittsburgh Pirates
Johan OviedoPOut for seasonElbowOviedo is out for season with elbowMar 23
Endy RodriguezCOut for seasonElbowRodriguez is out for season with elbowMar 23
Alika WilliamsIFOutWristWilliams is out with wristJun 2
Jared JonesPOutBackJones is out with backJul 4
Bailey FalterPOutArmFalter is out with armJul 7
San Diego Padres
Joe MusgrovePOutTricepsMusgrove is out with tricepsJun 1
Fernando TatisOFOutQuadTatis is out with quadJun 24
Jake CronenworthIFDay to dayCalfCronenworth is day-to-day with calfApr 18
San Francisco Giants
Alex CobbPOutHipCobb is out with hipMar 23
Robbie RayPOutElbowRay is out with elbowMar 23
Marco LucianoIFOutHamstringLuciano is out with hamstringMay 31
Keaton WinnPOutElbowWinn is out with elbowJun 22
Jung Hoo LeeOFOutShoulderLee is out with shoulderMay 31
St. Louis Cardinals
Steven MatzPOutBackMatz is out with backMay 3
Tommy EdmanIFOutWristEdman is out with wristMar 23
Drew RomPOutBicepsRom is out with bicepsMar 29
Tampa Bay Rays
Drew RasmussenPOutElbowRasmussen is out with elbowMar 23
Richard LoveladyPOutRichard Lovelady is out with a forearmLovelady is out with armJul 17
Jeffrey SpringsPOutElbowSprings is out with elbowMar 23
Brandon LoweIFDay to dayObliqueLowe is day-to-day with obliqueApr 18
Shane McClanahanPOut for seasonElbowMcClanahan is out for season with elbowMar 23
Tyler ZuberPOutright shoulder impingement syndromeZuber is out with shoulderApr 28
Texas Rangers
Jacob deGromPOutElbowdeGrom is out with elbowMar 23
Tyler MahlePOutElbowMahle is out with elbowMar 23
Josh JungIFOutWristJung is out with wristApr 4
Cody BradfordPOutBackBradford is out with backApr 18
Toronto Blue Jays
Alek ManoahPOutElbowManoah is out with elbowMay 31
Washington Nationals
Luis GarciaIFOutNoneGarcia is outJul 14
Stone GarrettOFOutAnkleGarrett is out with ankleApr 4
Josiah GrayPOutElbowJosiah Gray (elbow) scratched Tuesday. Apr 9
CJ AbramsIFDay to dayWristAbrams is day-to-day with wristJun 20
Cade CavalliPOutElbowCavalli is out with elbowMar 23

MLB Injuries and Injury Report

It is always a good idea to review a team’s injury report before placing a wager on a game. Missing players can significantly impact a team’s ability to win games or cover a spread. Key injuries can also be a signal to bettors to wager against that particular team in a given day. Be sure to keep a close eye on the Action Network’s MLB Injury Report with daily updates.

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