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Action Network is home to some of the best sports betting experts across the country. Our experts are proven, winning bettors who specialize in all of the major sports: the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer, WNBA, college football, college basketball (both men's and women's), PGA, college baseball, and even more niche and less regular sports such as cricket, darts, the Olympics and much more.

When those experts come together to give their best bets on a given day in a major sport, this is where you can find those best bets. We also use this for roundtable discussions and any other story where multiple authors are contributing.

Some of our best sports betting experts include Sean Koerner, who has won multiple annual awards for being the most accurate prognosticator in the NFL dating back to 2015. Stuckey has been digging deep into all 350+ college basketball teams each year for almost two decades, and he is one of the best-known college football bettors in the country, as well, forming a dynamic tag team duo with Collin Wilson. Sean Zerillo's player-level baseball model can account for even the smallest lineup changes on a daily basis. Chris Raybon is always on your social media timelines for his absurd percentage of winning bets in the NFL and more. Matt Moore is one of the most respected voices in the entire digital NBA landscape. Brandon Anderson is one of the sharpest analysts and futures bettors you'll find. BJ Cunningham consistently brings the most thorough, thoughtful analysis one can hope for to his coverage of soccer, MLB and college sports. And these are just a few of our sports betting experts. 

No matter where your betting interests lie -- from NFL point spreads and NBA props to UFC finishing method bets and Bundesliga totals -- we hope we have you covered. 


We come from all different walks of life -- professional gamblers, former accountants, financial professionals, Lockheed Martin engineers, PR pros, journalists, editors, DJs, Vegas runners and more -- but at our heart, we are all bettors. We have historically focused on finding the value across the betting board on any given day, and that is still our expertise, but we are also focused on serving fans and bettors with the types of bets they want, such as same-game parlays for fun.

Whether we specialize in mathematical handicapping or editing copy, we all share a unique passion for sports betting, both for ourselves and our own bankrolls, and our readers.

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