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Big Bets On Campus (CFB)
Big Bets On Campus (CFB)
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ScoresAndOdds PropModel
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Dale Tanhardt
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NCAAF Game Picks

There's nothing better than waking up to a Saturday filled with college football from the morning to bedtime. With 130 teams in the FBS -- the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision -- however, it can be a little overwhelming to analyze and find picks on such loaded slates.

That's where The Action Network's college football experts can help: On this page you'll find our experts' picks for every NCAAF slate throughout the year. They break down games, use proprietary betting models, and look at a bunch of other factors like recent form and betting market data to analyze each slate and find the best edges for betting value so you don't have to.

College Football Picks and Bet Types

Again, with 130 FBS teams in college football, along with 15-plus legal online sportsbooks in the United States now, just about any bet you want to make you'll be able to find. From major markets like spreads, totals, and moneylines to more niche markets like teasers and props -- we've got you covered with the best college football betting picks.

On The Action Network's website and app, you can follow all of our experts' picks and track your own. Here are some of the betting markets we support:

  • Full game spreads, moneylines, & totals
  • First half spreads, moneylines, & totals
  • Second half spreads, moneylines, & totals
  • First-quarter spreads, moneylines, & totals
  • Player and unique prop bets
  • Parlays
  • Teasers

These are just broad categorizations: Within props, for example, you'll find hundreds of available bets at a ton of sportsbooks. Some examples include a college QB to throw for over/under a certain number of passing yards, which team will score first, and more.

The Action Network's NCAAF Picks and Experts

On this page, you'll see every game for each college football slate displayed, along with the number of picks from our Action experts for each market. For example, you might see that eight of our Action experts are on the Penn State spread for a game, and from there you can dive into which experts are on that bet, see their betting records, and more.

If you want to track that bet yourself, you can do so on Action's site or app, and from there you'll be able to see how it's going. In the app we have live win probability for your bet, so at all times you'll see the percentage chance of your bet winning or losing.

Check out all of our college football betting experts, as well as some big names in the gambling industry:

  • Collin Wilson
  • Stuckey
  • BJ Cunningham
  • The Vegas Refund
  • PJ Walsh
  • Brandon Anderson
  • Anthony Dabbundo
  • Mike Randle

You can also follow the picks of your friends completely free in the Action app. Make sure to sign up if you don't have an account and connect with your favorite experts, friends, top bettors, and more.

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