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Wed Apr 16
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Matt Moore
Matt Moore
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Gilles Gallant
Gilles Gallant
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NBA Game Picks

The NBA is the fastest-moving sports league in the U.S., as games occur during the regular season every night, trades happen quite frequently, and players are often injured or rest at certain times. That means the betting market is fast moving, too, and it's not uncommon to see betting lines open and then move 5-6 points by the time a game starts.

If it seems overwhelming, don't worry: Our NBA betting experts are here to help. They analyze every detail of every NBA slate -- including injuries, rest situations, home-court advantage, key news, recent form, advanced analytics, and much more -- to find bets with the biggest edges.

On this page, you'll find every game for the night's NBA slate, along with how our experts are betting each game. You'll see, for example, if five of our NBA betting experts are on the Memphis Grizzlies' spread and at what number. And it's not just spreads: Easily spot our experts' favorite picks for moneylines, totals, prop bets, and more.

NBA Picks and Bet Types

With 30 NBA teams and multiple games a night, there are plenty of ways to get down action whenever you want it. Further, online betting is growing fast in the U.S., with 15-plus sportsbooks offering NBA gambling across double-digit legal states. That won't slow down, which means there's never been a better time to get into betting on basketball.

With The Action Network's website and app, you'll be able to find picks and track your bets on a ton of markets. Here are some categories you'll see:

  • Full game spreads
  • Full game moneylines
  • Full game totals
  • First half spreads
  • First half moneylines
  • First half totals
  • Second half spreads
  • Second half moneylines
  • Second half totals
  • First quarter spreads
  • First quarter moneylines
  • First quarter totals
  • Second quarter spreads
  • Second quarter moneylines
  • Second quarter totals
  • Third quarter spreads
  • Third quarter moneylines
  • Third quarter totals
  • Fourth quarter spreads
  • Fourth quarter moneylines
  • Fourth quarter totals
  • Full game team totals
  • First half team totals
  • Second half team totals
  • First quarter team totals
  • Second quarter team totals
  • Third quarter team totals
  • Fourth quarter team totals
  • Player props
  • Various other prop bets
  • Parlays
  • Teasers

Note that these are just examples of types of bets you can make. Within the player props category, for example, you'll find hundreds of different variations on any given slate. If you want to bet whether LeBron James will score over/under 30 points or Stephen Curry to have over/under eight assists, those are always available for NBA bettors at nearly every sportsbook.

The Action Network's NBA Picks and Experts

Above you'll find the entire slate laid out, organized by which game and market is receiving the most picks by our NBA experts. You can also jump to a different date if you want to see how our experts did on a past slate or if you're looking ahead to the next night.

This page is also dynamic and will update during the evening when games are being played, so you can check back and track how experts are faring. We also recommend you download the Action app, which provides an amazing sweating experience for NBA betting, especially with live bet win probability, which shows the chances of your bet cashing at every moment.

Get to know our NBA betting experts, along with some big names in the industry:

  • Justin Phan
  • Matt Moore
  • Chris Raybon
  • Raheem Palmer
  • Bryan Mears
  • Brandon Anderson
  • Anthony Dabbundo
  • Chad Millman

You can also follow picks of your friends and find top bettors over the last month. These picks are all free to view if you have an Action account, which you can sign up for free above.